Keeping Up With Cleaning Up


No one likes to spend hours cleaning the house before guests come over to maintain the illusion of being neat and tidy people.  There have been many times where my husband and I ran around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to straighten up our apartment while friends were en route.  We don’t have any children but the two of us seem to do a considerable amount of damage.

We have a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment and I needed a way to occupy my time during the day and to maintain our apartment.  I went on Pinterest and found a cleaning schedule that I really liked here.  There’s even a monthly checklist to help keep things like cobwebs at bay.  There are a lot of cleaning schedules out there, but I really liked this one because I wouldn’t have to do much on the weekends.

I sat down and made a list of all of the things that needed to be cleaned in my apartment and sorted them by how often they needed to be cleaned: daily, once a week, bi-monthly, or once a month.  From there I made a spreadsheet and plugged in the chores that worked for me.  For instance, I take my husband to work on Thursdays so that’s when I do all of my grocery shopping and other errands.  I purposefully did not add as many chores on Thursdays since I would be out and about for a few hours each Thursday.  I also made sure that when it came time to clean out the fridge, it would be on a Wednesday.  We have a small dog so I also include washing his bedding and toys into the schedule.

Having a set schedule really helped us to maintain our apartment and not have to feel overwhelmed whenever we were expecting company.  The cleaning schedule also incorporates chores that I wouldn’t have remembered to do, such as cleaning the baseboards.  Who thinks about baseboards?!



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